Feb 8, 2010

Must Have: Milani 3D Holographic Nail Lacquer!

Chubby Fingers Alert! I had been looking for some nail lacquer Holo's and felt it was perfect timing when I happened to walk right into these babies :) The Milani 3D Holographic nail lacquer....I bought three out of the six that they had, or is it seven? I'm not sure but I love these!! I know China Glaze has a Holo collection but I'll have to look into it to see if it's still available....The Milani 3D Holo's are very affordable....I just paid $3.99 for mine....Please let me know what you think of my Nails of the Day Foto, I really don't like doing Nail posts since my nails are so short and my hands are so FAT, lol!!! But I made an exception since I loooove this color and this collection so much :)
So this is the color I'm wearing called Hi-Tech....A very nice lime green...Holo's are very noticable with this one....
Here are the other two I got, Digital which is a dirty rose color and Hi-Res which is a lilac lavender color.... Holo's are outstanding in the Digital and Hi-Tech but not so much in the Hi-Res which is why I'm returning it on Monday so I can test out the other colors!

I hope everyone had a great weekend!


  1. It's so purrty and your nails and hands look great, Erica! I can't wait for your to post on how the other colours look.

  2. Krystia: I went back and saw the other colors and they didn't catch my eye :) but I will do more of these nail swatches!

  3. oo these are so cute where can you buy them :)

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