Feb 4, 2010

January Haul 3 of 3

I've sort of been on a nail polish kick, I think this is my second one like in the past 6 months....anyways, I've been debating whether or not to just buy OPI at Ulta or simply order them online (transdesign) for a bit cheaper, the only problem with that is that you can't see the true color. But in spite of all that I just decided to pick up a few colors anyways! This is my last haul of January and I have already picked up more stuffies, including nail polishes but that won't be featured until my February haul.

So on to the details :)

During the Sephora clearance I got the Cargo lipduo in Oulu, which one side is a jelly balm berry color-very sheer and the other a frosty lavender, sheer as well. I got the Cargo eye quad in Tahiti (this one I've been dying to get but could not since it was so expensive, I have the neutral one).
A few things from Sally's: My 2 nail files by Soft Touch extra fine, China Glaze NP In the Limelight-neon, Pro NP in Molten Copper, and I found a California Mango Hand/nail care kit for $4.99.
At Trade Secrets I got OPI NP Pink-ing of you, Short's Story, and Essie's Mint Candy Apple (which I've been eyeing!)...and if you use the new Trade Secrets membership you get 10% off each time you shop. The OPI Melon of Troy I got from Target.
I found a few Sally Hansen items at my local Dollar store so I got 2 18 hr lip treatments in Clear Pink...Clear Nude is not pictured, 3 Comfort Shine Lip glazes in Cupcake, Sugar Cookie, and Fresh Strawberry, and 2 Sally Hansen Collagen lip lifts in Sheer Spa Sandalwood and Sheer passionate pink. All $1 each.
From my last haul I returned MAC in Lillyland Pearlmatte because the color was not intense enough and my Strobe cream because I couldn't tell a difference in my complexion, I switched those out for a lipstick in Freckletone.
Last but not least I bought some Bissu eye quads in #30 and 35 from my pal in Dallas. Theses are really good, they are super pigmented and can only be found in Mexico from what she told me.


  1. You are going to love Essie Mint Candy Apple, gorgeous! That China Glaze Limelight looks very pretty, can't wait to see it on. By the way my name is Erica too, it's cool to find other Erica's on the web lol

    Check out my blog when you get a chance girlie :)

  2. Lovely haul, especially the SH for $1 :-) I have been buying too many polishes lately too

  3. Mz More: I've been eyeing that color since before Christmas I think :) I love it, I wore it the other day for work and got 2 compliments

    Halifax: I love buying nail polish!

    Chels: Thanks! I'm swooning over the hot pink one :)

  4. Great buys :)

    Lots of love,

  5. Sweet freaking haul, loving those quads and the O.P.I. nail polishes, Melon of Troy, Pink-ing of you, and China Glaze nail polish In The Limelight. Good luck reviewing all of that if you choose to; all those colour swatches, whew! lol