Feb 4, 2010

January 2010 Faves

It isn't much but I do have some other items that are constantly my favorite's such as my MAC SFF, my Prescriptives camo concealer and my Urban Decay primer potion...I felt it wouldn't be entertaining to have the same exact things on my faves list each month :) haha, then it wouldn't be called the faves of the month, it would just be my HG list. lol
Anyways, I'm sorry this is so late coming, I took some pics like on the last weekend of January and they all came out blurry, not good. Because my camera has been acting weird, possibly because of the settings, I decided to take this pic in natural lighting, I hope you can see it! I'm hoping to get a better camera sometime next month :)

These are the items that I've been attracted to every day, when I go to work I throw these in my makeup bag and all together creates beautiful results....I just don't have time to take it off if I don't like the way it looks but with these items I can never go wrong! :)

here is my list:
-Cosmedicine Honest Face tinted moisturizer Medium
-Milani Glimmerstrips in Berry Glimmer
-MAC lipstick in Syrup
-Urban Decay lipgloss in Doug
-Line Stiletto by Maybelline
-Covergirl Professional mascara in black

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  1. Nice, it's good to see someone posting their fav's list! I have yet to do this, because I just can't seem to find or make the time! Maybe this will give me a boost of encouragement! You keep going too, Erica*_*