Feb 27, 2010

Most Loved Makeup for February 2010

Faves time!
It isn't much but I think it was due to my current obsession with nail polishes. I'm still doing my makeup everyday but I've been very neutral and simple everyday, nothing that really stands out, which reminds me I have to post a few FOTD's in the next few days...I've been slacking!
Anyways, here is my list, Have a wonderful weekend!

-Physicians Formula bronzer in Baked Bronze, I love using this as a contour and blush, very pretty as it has tiny gold glitter in it, which is sparse so it's not too much.
-MAC PPOT in Blackground and Constructivist, I love using these for my 5 minute makeup face, I grab it with my MAC brush 217 and I can blend away without worrying about fall-out.
-MAC pigment in Provence, Such a nice color for highlight.
-MAC Concealer in NC30, to cover my stupid scars on my forehead from any acne :D
-Bobbi Brown lipstick in Pink Beige, I love using this neutral color because it covers all pigment in my lips and is super creamy, semi-matte and lasts a long time.
-Too Faced lipstick in Totally Nude, One of my absolute faves...I neglected and found it again, now I can't stop wearing it :)


  1. I too love Too faced totally nude lipstick. Mine actually melted due a hot day in cali :( now I have to use a lip brush to pick it out.


  2. Jo' - I hate when that happens! I love that lipstick, I'm going to buy a backup of it :)
    I also have Centerfold, which is nice too

  3. Thats my favorite lipstick too. I love it. Its not ur usual nude lipstick.

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