Dec 4, 2010

Christmas Red Lips with Milani Lip Flash

Red lips for a night out, going out to eat, Christmas party, or going shopping!
I recently went on a little shopping trip to my nearest CVS, just to check out the.....yes you guessed, MAKEUP, LOL.....I found these new little Milani Lip Flash lip pencils and dared to try one out, it's good that if I happen to hate it, I can always return it since CVS has a great 'love it or return it' policy. These Lip Flashes are new lipstick pencils made by Milani, made to be a lipstick consistency but in pencil form. They currently have other colors such as Photo Flash, Star Flash and Flashy. I bought my Lip Flash in the color Hot Flash, a true red, with just a touch of shimmering pink sheen.

What the Milani website says about Lip Flash:
"The electric lip look is defined with highly pigmented flashy shimmer colors. Create news worthy lips with extra glossy, high color coverage and moisture rich ingredients. A sharpenable, easy to use, anti-feathering and nontacky lip gloss pencil."

The pencil contains 2.8 grams and retails for $ comes wrapped up in safety plastic (so nobody can swatch it! eww) and it has a clear cover cap. The pencil is a little 'chubby' but not too skinny. It is very easy to handle.

While the website claims the lip color to be 'extra glossy' I feel that is somewhat over-exaggerated. It's true that the lip color has rich pigmentation and is nicely moisturizing, the glossiness is not 100% instead a nice little smidget of shine. In any case, I feel the shine in Hot Flash is due to the cool little pigment or pearl sheen that is in the color....I've taken a closeup in the pic below that somewhat exhibits the gorgeousness of the sheen!

What I really love about the Lip Flash is the moisturizing quality! The lipstick itself is soft, smooth, glides on very smoothly, and keeps your lips moisturized and supple. Another key note: The high color coverage...I can't believe the amount of color of the pigmentation, which at first application is a great saturation of color on the lips, you only need one coat...After my first application the pencil hadn't looked at all used, which is very good-I don't have to keep re-sharpening it! So does it last on the lips? and if so for how long? In my case the Lip Flash lasted for a few hours, about 4, it is not entirely transfer proof but I can say if you drink beverages during the day, etc, you may lose some of the color. It transferred alot when I kissed my hand and I drink alot of water, seemed to transfer there as well but after about 4 hours the color still looked intact.


  1. Wow, what a red! Too bad we don't have lip flash in Poland;/
    Great blog, please come visit mine:

    kisses form poland!

  2. It looks really pretty on you, the color of the red reminds of me ruby's. Very pretty & great review!

  3. uhhhh sexy!!! love the color :)

  4. wow, it really is a hot color!


  5. So pretty! Perfect holiday red!

  6. wow! that's a really nice sexy red!

  7. @Brunettes...Thank you for visiting, I'm so sorry you don't have it in Poland
    @TKOmulatta...Thank you!'s gorgeous :)
    @Rinz...I love the color too :)
    @Diane...The shade is really nice
    @Vanessa...Wow! Good to see you here! yes it's a nice color :)
    @snow0016...super sexy, I think all reds are like this :)
    @lipstickandsin...I know right? I don't think I have seen a red quite like this :)