Dec 8, 2010

Lamingtons...For those with a sweet tooth!

Tomorrow happens to be our annual Christmas party for my group at work...which means gift exchanging, lots of high calorie food and fun! I wanted so much to bring something savory to eat like cornbread stuffing or broccoli cheese casserole, instead I felt something sweet can never go wrong at a Christmas party! I didn't want to bring something boring so I opted to take a crack at making homemade Lamingtons! When I first heard of Lamingtons from Nat or CommunityChannel of Youtube, which she'd mention all the time, I just knew it would be something I would like.
Lamingtons are a sweet delicacy of Australia. They've been known to taste so good and be so popular that most bakery shops sell-out very fast after putting them out to sell. Lamingtons are little cubes of cake that have been dipped in chocolate icing and rolled in desiccated good does that sound! And yes, they are yummy! I could not find desiccated coconut at my local grocery store, they carry regular 'sweetened' coconut, which is quite moist and sweet but the recipe called for desiccated coconut which is much smaller and dry....So instead I used sweetened coconut. I started by baking a pound cake, which to me is the perfect cake for dipping due to it's dense nature. Pound cake mixes can be found at the grocery store so this was perfect! As soon as the pound cake was cooked and cooled I started the cubing process, which was super fun :)

I made the pound cake in a 9in. x 9in. square pan, this made cutting them into cubes alot easier. Here I've started to cut them into strips

Since the sweetened coconut I had was a little too bulky I did put it in the processor to chop it smaller but it still remained somewhat bulky!

And they are ready to be dipped!

I melted the chocolate frosting in the microwave to get it to be watery....The recipe told me to pour the chocolate over the cubes to avoid getting crumbs in the chocolate but that method did not work for me. I found it easier to dip each one in the chocolate while it was still hot, I could dip about 5 or 6 before the bowl of frosting cooled...

After the dive they are rolled in white coconut, here they are cooling/setting before I place them on the serving tray

What a mess my kitchen was! I probably won't be making these again any time soon! But they did come out tasty *munch munch* LOL

Merry Christmas!


  1. Oh my, those look delicious!!! *drools*

  2. i wanna have more lamington!! should ask my freinds/relatives to bring home some lamington!loll

  3. DROOLING!!! Gosh they look soooo scrumptious I want to eat them all UP! They remind me of ferrero rocher choloates :D *cracks up at the munch munch*

  4. @Everyone...yes they were good, I'm going to try and make different one, like german chocolate, strawberry, etc... :)