Dec 8, 2010

Blush and Bronzer had a...uh...little accident

This is what happens when you are not too careful with your most favorite compacts or powders! Ok, so there is good news and bad news to this makeup violation: The good news is that I have about 5 backups of the blush (on the right), the bad news is that my most favorite bronzer ever (on the left) is by Tropez, which to my knowledge is discontinued

Since this has happened I'm very careful as to not move it around so much, in fear that I may lose pieces. I still use it but I dip my brush in it very carefully

I can't look at it anymore, it's just so sad looking! LOL

Has this sort of thing ever happened to you? Which beauty product was it?


  1. this has happened to me w/ my MAC face powders waaay too many times! i feel your pain :(

  2. Tropez has been discontinued? They are still selling that line at my local Kmart.

  3. I feel your pain. Google how to press loose eyeshadows. It is just rubbing alcohol rubbed in with the product and its like new.

  4. This happened to me pretty recently with my NYX eyeshadow palette Champagne & Caviar. Grrrr. Sorry about the bronzer :[

  5. I happened to me with A NEW powder from Rimmel, but I chopped it all and added alcohol and it came together. Now I'm using it :)
    there are many youtube tutorials that show how to do this

  6. Sorry aboutyour blush and bronzer. This also happened to me. It was my compact powder.. :(


  7. @Raeven...oh no! with MAC? I'm so sorry, I've cracked a MAC eyeshadow before, not fun
    @nikita...Yes, Tropez is gone and we don't have a Kmart!
    @Jasmine...I am going to try to re-press, hopefully it comes out nice :)
    @GlamourJunkie...Thanks, I am really bummed out!
    @Diane...thank you for the advice :)
    @Mia...thanks, hope it doesn't happen again!

  8. I think alcohol could fix it =)