Mar 4, 2014

Hair Experiment using Feria's Wild Ombre 060 and Power Reds R57

Deciding on a hair color has never been an easy task. My dark brown locks don't really catch tint all that well so I'm faced with 2 choices - red/burgundy or bleach/highlighting...But I've been doing my own hair tint since I was 13! So experiment time! Let's see what changes I could do...

This is so new to me, but it is a change!

Alot of effort went into this sort of dipped ends/ombre look that I have going on here. I actually wanted the color blend to be a little higher, um I'd say somewhere around my chin, but ultimately I am happy with the result. (Get the makeup look here).

It took me months to decide what color to do. Should I highlight it? Should I cut it first? Should I just lighten it? Weighing in all the costs of upkeep and Salon vs. DIY .....So! I was super duper excited when these landed on my doorstep

I waited until the perfect time to dye away - at almost 5 months pregnant, hahaha yes, cleared by my doctor of course....I decided to cut and style my own hair first, which led me to look over and see these boxes just waiting to be used in some way or another, then I got the idea to Ombre then 'tint the Ombre'...


From start to finish, the whole process took about 5 days. Look at the color of the developer I posted via Instagram, wild right? Pure pigment in there, just this beautiful red fuchsia color! Looks pretty scary in the bottle but creates the most vibrant shade of red as witnessed in the first picture


For long hair lengths, a second box of Ombre kit might be needed. I only used 1 because I was so eager to change it up I didn't want to waste time

Follow all directions on the box :)

Bleaching hair takes a toll on hair health so after your 1st step Ombre is finished, treat your hair divinely by conditioning or even deep conditioning your bleached hair a few times before adding on the color tint, but of course this is what I did - completely my opinion

Blend the color tint to mend the part where your bleached part and your natural hair color meet, I added about 2 - 3 inches past my Ombre part

Wait about 3 days before shampooing again after you've completed your colored hair tinting, this is what I did to make sure the color took, completely my opinion :)

*Just a quick note: I am not a hair professional, so if you are going to use these products please use at your own risk :)

Since tinting, my hair routine hasn't changed at all. I oppose using the special 'color treated' shampoos and conditioners because I seldom feel that they work to its purpose.

1 - Suave Professionals Natural Infusion Moisturizing shampoo with Macadamia oil and White orchid
Great shampoo to use, affordable and comes in different formulas (Awapuhi, Seaweed, Moroccan Argan, Keratin, etc)

2 - L'Oreal Total Repair 5 Damage erasing balm

3 - TRESemme No Frizz ultra light Shine spray
It tends give this great shine to the hair and not be oily, perfect near hair ends

4 - It 12 in One Miracle Mist with Abyssinian Oil
Repairs, Strengthens and Protects...I use only for curling or flat ironing. Review coming soon!

Disclosure: All items with an exception of Suave and TRESemme were sent to me for review consideration. All opinions are my own.


  1. Interesting idea to ombre and then tint it! I actually used the regular ombre one last summer (on the left in your picture, I think for dark brown hair), and it really worked well- the only problem is the color isn't like *toned*, so my ends turned kind of orangey. It still looked fine but I really like this idea you had to tint it with the red! Looks great on you.

    1. Thanks, I totally understand about the ends looking orangey - mine did the same, I had to go out and about with the ends like that, just looked bad so I was really glad to get the red on. It has since faded a bit so I may have to keep tinting red every so often. Glad you liked it!