Mar 1, 2014

Covergirl Tru Blend Foundation

I'm a huge fan of any foundation! Whether it be full coverage or light, I'm willing to try it... 

But Covergirl, since I was a teenager I could not pull off wearing CG foundation because it was either too pink or didn't come in my hispanic/latina tan golden color. Naturally I was excited to see Covergirl release the infamous Outlast Stay Fabulous foundation but was quite disappointed the color selection was mediocre and could not match once more. Tru Blend I've never used, actually I may have used the powder once many ages ago.

Now this Tru Blend foundation bottle revamp is pretty nice. The pump is a bonus and the bottle lid equivalent to the foundation color. What awaits inside the bottle though...

Cost: $6 - $7 
Where to Buy: Any drugstore that sells CG 
My color: Caramel Beige

Color selection is pretty great. The selection caters to all undertones - Pink - Neutral - Yellow. 
Wear is not all that great. It started to disappear after a few hrs, 3 hrs tops.

Coverage: Light to No coverage...I'm not even kidding around. If you could find a tinted moisturizer with light coverage, in comparison the tinted moisturizer would have more coverage than this foundation. With that said I do believe a good moisturizer and primer could change this light coverage to at least a medium coverage, which I experienced using this foundation around the 4th time. I don't believe this foundation can be buildable as the liquid seems to move around too much but I could be wrong.

Application: I used my fingers. The first few times I tried using my trusty Sonia Kashuk foundation brush (favorite) but it didn't apply well, it's best to use fingers but that's just a personal preference.

Finish: It definitely leaves a semi-matte to matte finish. It leaves the skin dry not supple or moisturized.

Wear: It lasted pretty good, 3 - 4 hrs tops. I would not recommend for a work day as I don't feel the foundation would look or stay fresh for that long, but I would wear for just a short trip to the market.

Like I mentioned before the coverage is light to none at all, but particularly for this shot I used a great moisturizer and primer beforehand, it did pretty well for coverage of my facial scars and redness, but you could still see a little through

Bare face - Moisturized

Foundation on - 1 coat

It sounds so funny to say '1 coat' :) Here is a swatch of the foundation. I love that the line contains a small selection for yellow undertones which in my opinion is hard to find in a drugstore foundation

A completed look! Products used below...

Overall: Would not purchase again but I will use what I have for those days when I am running quick errands. It is not hot in Texas yet so I will have to see how it fairs out in the heat. Most importantly, note that to make it work in terms of coverage a good moisturizer and primer is needed!

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