Mar 7, 2014

Is Flamingo Pose a Coral or Pink?

What would you call it?

Milani's Color Statement lipstick in Flamingo Pose is a beautiful, satin coral pink color that is bright but modest when worn. The question arose a few days ago after trying on...It's so not all that important but this question is urking me when I wear it :)

I took the time to compare FP with a few Corally lipsticks and then swatched next to a majority of Pink lipsticks. While the coral tone seems to stick out a bit compared to other corals in my stash I still feel that in this shot FP may just be a pink....But the shot with pinks say otherwise...

In Below pic - See how FP is just brighter in comparison? The shot is pretty much true than what was seen in real life. During swatching FP continually kept looking just too corally to be sat next to pink tones, Which brings me to the question again (I'm going to drive myself crazy, haha)

FP also poses similarities to Wet n Wild Don't Blink Pink (even though in this shot it says otherwise.) In person the two are similar.

I'm calling it a Coral. I think I'll stick with that :)

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