Mar 31, 2014

Baby Update: What we found at my latest prenatal appointment!

It's such a great thing when I can get an ultrasound at prenatal appointments.

The last one I had was during the gender revelation and since there had been so much movement and much more growing since I was dying to see the little gal again.

Not only did I get to see her, I know how much she weighs and in which position she is in - she's in a breech position (which doesn't bother me the slightest since I will be having a planned c-section)...but probably the most interesting fact about her is that she already has alot of hair on her head!

My doctor told me it's very interesting because hair usually doesn't grow that much or that early in pregnancy (I'm 28 weeks)...But so nice to know this about her! Can't wait to see her!.....And let's see if she shifts her position :P

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