Sep 20, 2010

88 Palette Monday: 'Autumn Leaf'

Someway, somehow, I got inspired to do something a bit 'fallish'.....It must have been the cloudy and windy days I experienced over the weekend....considering that kind of weather is not bad, it's actually good.... because I can smell the autumn in the air!

Anywho, I grabbed any color that would remind me of autumn and I just slapped it on my eyes, this is what I came up with, I hope you all like it, please let me know if you do!

#1 on the inner half of eyelid
#2 outer half of eyelid
#3 cover #1 lightly
#2 on contour and outer smoky area of eyelid
#4 for depth, on contour and outer smoky area of eyelid
#5 only on outer V/smoky area of eyelid
blend very well......

I used MAC e/s Ricepaper as highlight
Line Stiletto as upper eyelid liner
Revlon colorstay eyeliner on lower waterline
Covergirl pro mascara

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