Sep 14, 2010

Vaseline as eye primer

Ever since recovering ideas that I once read on Nessa's blog a few yrs ago I quickly handled one of her ideas on how she considered using Vaseline as a moisturizer for her eyelids. As soon as I read that I had to try it out for myself, only to soon love the idea so I went with it....I've discovered not only is Vaseline a great Moisturizer for the eye but it is also a great eye primer to make shadows pop with color!

1st. Apply lightly is key :) Smooth it on and wait for it to dry a bit. Then you can apply your color....

Here are examples of usage:

on the left I applied a dark blue shadow from my Balm palette with an eyeshadow brush by ELF minus the Vaseline. On the right I applied the Vaseline then the same dark blue shadow.

I can get away with wearing the Vaseline primer for just a few hours since it doesn't really prevent creasing....

Which is your favorite eye primer?


  1. wow..I read the title and thought this was insane..but it looks amazing!! I wonder if u use udpp under it, if it will still crease

  2. Wow! this is very helpful post Erica. I will definitely use this as eye primer. I really ask you one time as to which eye primer you could recommend. I just tend to forgot it for I am not really a professional make up artist.I will try it. Thanks Erica.

  3. I was wondering that too! I have UDPP so that will be something I have to try out!

    @burn...I would recommend Urban decay eye prime or the eyeshadow base by Loreal called Decrease, both work the same way!

  4. WOW big difference. I'm thinkin the UDPP might give it staying power. Great post.

  5. I can't spot the difference! But anyways Vaseline is a good product both from the eyes and there lip moisturizer. I am a Vaseline petroleum jelly user and I use it in the office.