Sep 14, 2010

Avon MAX Moisture: Night Cream

Avon products can sometimes get alot of bad rep. I'm not fond of many things from them but some things are worth the try. A few months ago I purchased the Solutions pm Max Moisture night cream and have been loving it ever since. While I do think that $12 for this 1.7 oz container is a little too much, especially for Avon, sometimes they do provide sales in their books which comes out to be a great deal. For example, they recently had a sale of all the solutions products BOGO, mix and match....I ended up buying another MAX Moisture and the matching eye cream...sweet :)

Sure my Clinique DD lotion is a must have for me, I still love to alternate lotions and creams according to my mood. The sweet and fresh but soft and muted smell of the Avon cream is comforting. It keeps my skin soft and moisturizes very well. Never clogging pores or stinging....just pure luxury.

If you like/love Avon, what is your favorite product by them?

On another note, isn't Lady Gaga like the queen of everything lately? Her recent victor at the VMA's concluding to take home 8 awards sent me smiling in my sleep.....And her gorgeous photo shoots and magazine covers, she is exploding popularity like we never imagined :)
She's great, no wonder so many people love her!

...:::my recent addition of Gaga how can I get my hands on her VOGUE meat bikini cover! : /

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