Sep 15, 2010

Ulta's Clearance rack

*sigh* If Urban Decay knew that the Naked Palette would be a big hit, why didn't they produce double the product!? Sorry just a small rant :)

At Ulta this past weekend I discovered a large clear bin filled with clearance makeup. I decided to look through it sans the Naked Palette :(    .....At least the trip to Ulta didn't go to waste, haha! I did find some nice lip colors and a few Bourgois shimmer eyeshadows, unfortunately most of them were already opened but oh well.

The lip colors I managed to scoop out were unopened and were probably the gems of the whole bunch. I got 2 Sally Hansen colors from the Carmindy line, Soft Orchid and Sunbeam for $2. The Soft Orchid is a creamy shiny color, it's very soft and leaves my lips hydrated throughout the day. Sunbeam has just a pinch of shimmer and is a close to sheer color. The other color in the shiny tube is one by Ulta called Desert Mauve ($1.50) this one I really like for fall and is almost matte, a finish that I drool for!

: )


  1. im so pissed i cant find the naked palette either...great finds!!

  2. Where did you find the Desert Mauve? That's the best color ever for me and they discontinued it.

  3. To Anonymous: I found it in the sale bin, it was so long ago sorry! I do not use it at all I would be happy to send it to you if you don't mind it being swatched. Please contact me at my email if you would like me to send it to you!