Sep 14, 2010

Royal Langnickel Brush

What I love about craft stores is that you can pretty much find anything to feed your craving for creating something crafty. From necklace beads to printed material, your imagination is your art. One other great thing about these stores is the many paint brushes you can utilize as makeup brushes. Turn a small precise art brush into an eyeliner brush or use the soft paddle brush to apply concealer...

Now, there aren't many brushes in the store for the face, those bigger kind are way to harsh for the delicate skin. Every now and then I check in the craft store for new brushes. The greatest thing about the 'art' brushes is that most of them retail for just a few dollars. Take my own brushes for example, I own about 5 different Loew-Cornell brushes each of them I purchased for no more than $4 each. A great deal is always something I treasure!

Royal Langnickel and Loew Cornell are high ups in my favorite brand category. The brushes are soft, the handles are not super gigantic and they have a variety you can pick and choose from. Royal or Royal Langnickel creates art brushes as well as makeup brushes, on the other hand Loew Cornell is just for

As for my small haulage this Saturday, I planned on looking at Autumn decor at my local Michaels, my eyes soon shifted to the brush section, haha I ended up buying a new brush! It's funny I can find myself looking for beauty product potential in any store :) The find? My new favorite brow brush, the Royal Soft Grip sg160 1/4 slanted brush

The bristles as well as the ferrules are great quality. The soft grip adds a feature that makes holding the brush more comfortable, good idea Royal :)

They do have a website if you are interested in taking a gander at it, I put the link on the bottom of this post.....Why did I let myself see the other half of the website? the Makeup Brushes half! geeze! Here are some pictures of some makeup brush sets they have, I feel a wishlist coming up :)

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