Sep 6, 2010

Lipstick Spotlight: Jane Moreberry Shortcake!

Jane lipstick is a rare find, especially since the line was discontinued across many of our favorite drugstores. Here is the only Jane lipstick I own and may I add quite a lovely shade :)

Moreberry Shortcake is a perfect unusual violet-pink shade. In the tube it looks straight up 'purple' but on the lips it is a nice shade of violet and magenta.

While I've only worn this color a few times I have noticed Jane lipsticks aren't the best quality as they seem to be a tad on the waxy side but nevertheless the color is unique!


  1. They're redoing the Jane Cosmetic line from my understanding. :)

    This is a lovely color on your!

  2. I love jane bushes and this lipstick is so pretty.