Aug 2, 2010

88 Palette Monday: 'Holographic'

Welcome to the first creation of my new 88 eyeshadows palette eyes weekly...I'll be creating quick looks using the wonderful 88 eyeshadows palette among other things! I'm super excited about this because a majority of all those gorgeous colors are just sitting around not being used, I felt this was a great way to let them out of their shell! haha

Today's eye is called 'Holographic', thanks to my husband that suggested it, which is not holographic but I see where he was coming from :) I started with a bronzy base eyeshadow, I used mischievous marissa in the Shady Lady palette but any frosty bronze color will do....

now the fun part....

I hope you all can read the markings on the picture!

2. I added the light green color from the palette along my inner contour area.

3. I added the purple mauve color right next to it.

4. I then added the bright blue on the outer area of my lid right next to purple mauve.

5. next I added lightest blue, a color right below the highlight color.

6. I then added the highlight color.

7. afterwards I used a MAC brush 217 and blended in the Dark blue on my outer v and crease for depth.

8. the dark blue was used on my outer lower lashline then medium green for the rest.

9. Temping Tara from the Shady lady palette is what is on my inner corner.

And of course lots of blending!

Used ELF Dramatic false eyelashes for a finishing touch


  1. wow! you have an amazing blog! I love your look here with the 88 palette..looking forward to see what else you can create with it as well!

  2. That eye look is so pretty!

    - Stylish cute
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