Aug 7, 2010


Ok, a very controversial subject gals. Parabens in makeup, I know you all have heard about it before. Many don't know exactly what is it or what it's doing in makeup. In a nutshell Parabens are used as a preservative in cosmetics and food. It's been said they are the cause of breast cancer/tumors and other skin illnesses (has not been a confirmed fact). You know, just to talk about this subject is very difficult as both sides of the subject prove good points (information on parabens is at the very bottom).... My job today is not to scare you at all...since we have been told we clearly are not in danger when using parabens (FDA says) but whichever side I decide to take, I'm still not sure as to what to believe. For example, some research has been done (Darbre report) which would make me wipe out any products with parabens completely from my makeup bag. But on the other hand, FDA reports that parabens are perfectly fine and they should cause no concern.

Here's what we been told. Very little amount of parabens are used in each product so that it is unharmful to humans but if we use a few products on our face and in our bodies each day and all of them have different kinds of parabens......obviously they add up, as you can imagine, do the math.

As a blogger and being unsure of the longterm effects of the use of parabens, I have to be neutral on the subject! But still, many sides to each story leave me going "What do I believe?!"

So, take the information that I provide for what it's worth......What are your thoughts? Comment below and let me know.
A list of items in my makeup box (and products that I happen to like alot!) that in my opinion have too many parabens:

Wet n Wild Ultimate Expressions Paradise Cove - 4 parabens
Maybelline Stylish Smokes Natural Smokes eyeshadows - 5 parabens
CVS pore strips - 4 parabens
Milani sunset duo - 3 parabens
Milani minerals compact - 3 parabens
NYC powder blush - 3 parabens
Covergirl lashblast mascara - 3 parabens
Tropez eyeshadows - 4 parabens
Milani eyeshadow quads - 3 parabens
Maybelline pure makeup - 4 parabens
Maybelline dream mousse, makeup and blush - 5 parabens

Items I found at home with very few parabens, happy about these!

Revlon Colorstay foundation - 2 parabens
Johnsons baby lotion honey apple - 1 paraben
Biore Clean things up gel cleanser - 1 paraben
Aveeno skin brightening scrub - 1 paraben
DEP gel - 1 paraben
Gilette fusion hydra gel - 1 paraben
Bath and Body lotion - 2 parabens
Queen Helene mint julep masque - 1 paraben
Vaseline sheer infusion lotion - 2 parabens
LA Colors mystic foundation - 1 paraben
Chanel Glossimer lipgloss - 1 paraben
Maybelline line stiletto - 2 parabens
Wet n wild blush - 2 parabens
Physicians formula mineral wear - 2 parabens
LA Colors 5 color eyeshadow palettes - 2 parabens
Covergirl single eyeshadows - 2 parabens
ELF beauty books - 2 parabens

Video list:

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Read the FDA notice on Parabens here.

Read the Beauty Brains 'Perils of Parabens' here.


  1. I will definitely try to stick with products no containing any parabenes, no need to add it! ;-)

  2. i just got a facial this weekend, and was told that many of the products i love have parabens in them and that i shouldn't use them =*( i had no idea! i guess better safe than sorry though

  3. The problem with avoiding parabens is that you risk bacterial or other microbial infection. The "Better safe than sorry" position would be to only use paraben containing products because then you know you won't get a bacterial contaminated product.

    Which risk is worse, likely infection or unknown but not likely paraben problems?

    Incidentally, parabens are used as a preservative in food and you ingest them all the time.

  4. ..Shopaholic: I've just been careful about using them, I don't know what to think anymore!

    ..Majesty: whoa,that is interesting coming from a facial professional...yes totally true to be safe than sorry.

    ..Left Brain: Yes, I see your point. I'm just confused as to what to believe