Aug 5, 2010

This product would be great but only if....

Have you ever tried a product, were so amazed with the results making you all super duper happy but then thought twice about buying it again because of it's packaging or amount, etc...?

mark. Need a shrink? Pore minimizer lotion, $9

The most gripes coming from gals all around is that this tube is way too small (also small for the price) and there is barely any product inside of it, which means it goes empty sooner than you know it. I've been reading the reviews, the thing with these mark skincare 'hook-ups' is that although the idea is great, hooking it up to something else is a little unnessesary don't you think? Especially since a majority say they've experienced problems with the top cap and etc. But most importantly they say they would repurchase but only if they made this container bigger with more product. Yah, I know exactly what is meant by this! Lord knows how many times I've encountered the amount screw-up...haha

So, my question to you is, What product is on your 'would be great but only if' list?


  1. All of the liquid foundations that don't come with a pump!

  2. good one jillie!! UDPP would be great if it came in a tube!!!!

  3. JillieCat: That's true, heehee

    icosmeticRN: omgosh, I was just thinking the same thing, lol