Aug 17, 2010

TRESemme Fresh Start Dry Shampoo: A Review

Ever since I can remember my hair has always been oily on the second day, something I hate to tolerate since I work full-time and see patients every day. I wouldn’t mind this oily disaster if I were a stay at home mom but for someone that styles her hair and puts on a full face of makeup Monday thru Friday it is a big pain.

To be honest, you aren’t really suppose to shampoo every day, one of the reasons why I shampoo every other day, but on some days I’m just too lazy to shampoo or on some days I’m running late for work. My solution to oily hair was a few sprinkles of baby powder, but powder flies everywhere!

So to put an end to my oily appearance I decided to try the new Tresemme dry shampoo, one of the products in a new collection called Fresh Start by Tresemme….

Spray on your hair if….

-you have naturally oily hair throughout the day

-you tend to have oily hair the day after you wash your hair

-your hair is naturally straight

Cost: $4.99 at CVS

Pros: price, hair is matte (non-oily) for a specific amount of time, smell is a little strong but it is a pleasant smell, easy to use, you can reapply at any time

Cons: hair looks dull with no shine, scent can be annoying, doesn’t last a very long time (lasts for approximately 4 to 6 hrs without re-application)

Trial results:

1st try: Sprayed on my hair, from scalp to 4 inches out on roots, about 11 times in 10 different spots……

Noticed a slight difference at first application. It is very hard to tell if the spray works when you first put it on, you can’t see oils and shine on the hair after applying it, meaning at first glance the hair looks normal (not oily). On this first day my hair took the spray decently but after about 6 hours started to look oily again.

2nd and 3rd try: Sprayed on my hair, from scalp to 4 inches out on roots, about 8 times in 6 different spots…..

My hair was oily in the mornings, I applied the spray and there were little to no results. My hair looked oily most of the day afterwards, which was a little disappointing. On these days I used less spray but on the most oily parts of my hair, which to me is why there were barely any results. I could see a slight difference on the first hour.

2nd try, after application, still quite oily

2nd try after a few hrs

On my first day of trying the dry shampoo it applied well but I noticed it gave me a slight grayish shot of color I suppose is due to the clay in the formula, with that said, it combed out easily on the hair at a radius. My whole goal was to see my hair as if it was just washed and dried, the dry shampoo gave me hair that was half matte and half oily which was an odd sight. I wanted for it to last at least until I left work to go home but it was starting to get oily again going on my 7th hour, which to me is not that bad.

Scent: Surrounded by clouds of the dry shampoo I noticed the smell of citrus extracts, it was pleasant but after 2 or 3 sprays it gets to be a bit much.

Here is my honest opinion: It does work, provided as long as you use it correctly and apply a generous amount on the areas that are oily the most. Don’t be stingy with the spray, I say if you really need it then apply a good amount, for me it worked this way. If you need to have your hair decent for more than 6 or 7 hours then this spray probably isn’t for you. If you want to go for a third day, please try it out to see if it works, I have not tried this product on a third day.

Product: 3.5 stars
Packaging: 5 stars
Quality: 3.5 stars
Overall: 3.5 stars
Would buy again? Not sure


  1. Thanks for reviewing this. It would be great if it works through out the day instead of having to re-apply.