Aug 16, 2010

88 Palette Monday: 'Let's Party!'

I decided to create something a little bit more exciting for those nights out dancing! I love this look for 1. because it includes alot of my favorite eyeshadow colors (blue, teal, green) and secondly because it is shimmery and dramatic!

This is the look I came up with, I think I have done something like this similiar but I'm not sure....

I started to use MAC Soft Ochre paintpot as a base but quickly realized that the shadow wouldn't stick, bleh!
So I ended up just using an eye cream to prime my eyelid, it worked nicely....

Blend blend blend away, all the colors should run together :)
It is really simple:

1. All over the lid
2. On contour and outer contour area
3. only on crease blended upward to mix up with the 2.

I used 1. on the lower inner lashline, 4. on the middle part of the lower lashline and then 3. on the outer lower lashline, all blended at the seams
In this palette most of the light colors are, how can I say, you can use your favorite highlight color....I used MAC Vanilla :)

I used fake lashes from the dollar store, geeze these lashes are long!



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  2. this is gorgeous!! I love ur color combos!

  3. maRyya: I will, thanks!

    icosmeticRN: thank you girly!

    JillieCat: Thanks :)

    Kristie: I know! But I love bright makeup :)