Aug 9, 2010

88 Palette Monday: Pastel's Cotton Candy

For some reason I just wanted to add in the lashes at the bottom...I have very tiny lashes so the effect would not look correct, but for those that have great lashes at the bottom the idea is to slather on the mascara for that baby doll look :)
anywho, you get the idea, this is an example of how it would look, blend away as usual :)

Prime the skin surrounding the eye with NYX shadow stick 'Milk'
#1 for inner lid
#2 next to it
#3 next to the green (much on the outer contour area)
#4 on the outer v area
#5 on crease blended very well
#6 under the highlight color
#7 highlight color and inner corner

I used #3 on outer bottom lashline, #2 near the middle of lashline, #1 on inner lower lashline

Maybelline line stiletto upper lashline
and drew in lashes on bottom, haha

Loreal Voluminous mascara


  1. Beautiful :) I love the range of color !!

  2. OMG I LOVE THIS!! is this the 88 matte palette?? I had the 88 shimmer and didn't like...I just got the 88 warm and I love it and now I think I want this matte one!! I love mattes!!

  3. Your blog is great, you know? :)
    Visit mine if you want:

  4. icosmeticRN: Yes, its the matte palette, I have yet to do any from the shimmer palette which I have! I love both palettes :)

    Renay: Thank you!

    Orlica: I will take a looksie at your blog!

  5. One of my friends bought this palette and it's awesome. I was testing it out one day and I'm going to definitely get the warm and metal mania ones to start :)

  6. Marisol: So they have a metal one too? Oh boy, I better check that one out!