Jan 20, 2010

Award for me? awww, Thank you!

I received this award from the very pretty Krystia! Thank you so much, you are the only one that gives me awards, because of this you are a blessing!

Ok, so here is 7 interesting things about me: (uh-oh, it's snooze time, you can click the X button if you need to! lol)

1. I'm addicted to hand sanitizer- I must carry one at all time in my purse and in my car!

2. I can't grow my own fingernails. Which is why I don't do much Nail posts on my blog unless I'm wearing acrylic nails...I've tried everything to make then stronger, I've tried drinking more calcium, I've tried the Jello, nail treatment polish, etc.....Grrr, my nails are super thin naturally!

3. I hate romance or romantic comedy movies! Yep, with a passion! I only watch Sci-Fi, Horror, Action, Drama or Animated movies! And it really depends which actors are in a Comedy for me to go see it :P

4. I attended Private school all my life.

5. I don't like cats. Nope, Dogs rule, plus studies show that Dogs are smarter than cats :)

6. As funny as this may sound I really can't stand walking in the mall. I know! I love Outlets though! The only time I go to the mall is if I have a little extra money (which isn't very often) or if I really need something-which in the latter case I just walk directly to the particular store, do what I gotta do and I'm outta there! Otherwise I am only visiting the Macy's portion of the mall to visit the MAC counter! lol Probably the last time I enjoyed the mall was when I was stationed in Tokyo, Japan, those malls are Amazing!

(this was the only good pic of Hardee's I could find! Hardee's burgers are my fave!)

7. I like my burgers super well-done almost burnt. I don't like hamburgers that are juicy, ewww. haha I like them with tons of spice, dry and almost burnt, Yummm! :P

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