Jan 25, 2010

Best Makeup brushes money can buy!

If you are looking to invest in some quality makeup brushes but aren't sure which ones to get and also you don't want to spend a fortune, please read on. I've took the time to look for the best quality brushes that money can buy without spending an entire paycheck on  expensive ones. Let it be known that there are plenty of good options out there for  quality makeup brushes that are low-priced, but you must keep an eye out for them. Here are some of my favorites, that of course didn't cost me much!

Sonia Kashuk for Target blusher $10.99

The blusher brush is so great, it feels nice, it doesn't shed (at least not for me) and it picks up colors wonderfully. Actually this brush is so soft it feels like air! It feels nice on the skin, not scratchy. The bristles are light and feathery, and did I mention it picks up colors very nicely? Just love it.
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Eco-Tools kabuki brush $8.99

Perfect for travel, will apply bronzer or translucent/finishing powder nicely. The bristles are super soft, there is no scent in the actual brush. Mineral application is a breeze. I'd recommend this brush to anyone wanting a quality kabuki brush.
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ELF eyeshadow brush $1.00

The first actual makeup brush I ever bought and I loved it so much I bought 5 more! I think this brush is very good in my opinion...it picks up color nicely, not much fall-out, but then again it depends on the way you apply the shadow. The brush is super soft and I'd recommend over and over because it's just that good! plus it's affordable!
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ELF concealer brush $3.00

What I like about this brush is that it is so versatile! I use it for emollient based products, I use it to apply MAC Paintpots, I use it for undereye concealer, I use it to spread out my NYX jumbo pencils. I like that the brush is silky but firm. Love it and I'd recommend to anyone needing a good brush to spread out Paintpots or apply concealer.
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Sonia Kashuk for Target synthetic flat blusher $14.99

If you have been following my blog for a while you'd already know that this synthetic flat brush is my absolute favorite for applying liquid foundation. I love it! It creates this flawless airbrushed look and is a great stippler in case you have to stipple. The brush is soft, it isn't pokey or harsh or rough. There isn't any shedding at all. I love it also because you need very little liquid foundation so this saves alot of product. If you are looking for a good foundation brush I recommend this one.
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Loew Cornell Maxine's Mop 1/4 or 3/8 brush $2.15 - $3.99

OMGosh, who doesn't love these brushes? Originally designed as Art brushes, these brushes are gems! I initially collected about 15 of them but someone in my home stole them for use in art projects, not to mention names! That's ok because I saved the best ones for me which are the 1/4 and the 3/8's. I love to use these to pat on pigments, whether they are foiled or dry. They work wonderfully that way, or I like using them once in a while to apply Paintpots. The smaller one I've used to apply shadow on my lower lashline.
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  1. I love the ELF eyeshadow brushes too!! So cheap & they work great.

  2. Sonia Kashuk's Flat Blusher Brush is my fave brush of all time! I wish I bought it sooner because it's probably the BEST makeup brush investment I've made thus far. It's incredible. Super soft & it blends liquid foundation so well.

    I also love how dense it is. Most stippling brushes aren't as dense like MAC's 187.

    The Sonia Kashuk Flat Blusher Brush is definitely worth the $15!!


  3. Tammy: Yep, those ELF brushes are great!

    Saucy: When I first saw the SK brush I knew I had to try it with foundation and I've been using it ever since-I love it!

  4. I have always liked ELF because they are very affordable but lately I have been really interested in Afterglow cosmetics - They may cost a little more but their quality is better and they are all organic.