Jan 12, 2010

Mini MAC...Dior haul

Hi all!

Don't know how this happened but my Project 10 pan...

Super fail. haha

I bought new makeup...yes, I need help! lol

Anyways let me show you what I got this past weekend:

I've been meaning to go to Saks to get another DiorAddict lipstick
because I Loooove these, so I went and picked up Champagne Blush which is
a nude pink with gold reflects in it.

I wanted to get a few things by MAC before they were Gone!

The very popular shadestick in Nurture
the MAC in Lillyland Pearlmatte eyeshadows...

I really like the MSF's from the Warm and Cozy collection so I'm
thinking about going back to get one of them. I'll have to decide there whether they
are dupable with other MSF's...And I'm not sure
if I need the Warm and Cozy shadestick yet, it depends whether
the color is dupable with a paintpot, I'll have to wait and see if
more reviews come out on that one. The Shadestick in Cuddle looks really nice
so I'm going to go back for that.

The strobe cream is something I've been wanting to try
and so far it's good, very moisturizing :)

Here's swatches of the Pearlmatte...

And the swatch of Nurture (very gorgeous and unique!)
to the right of that is the swatch of the DiorAddict lippie...

Have a great week everyone!


  1. Have to agree with you on the strobe cream! I love it and it gives your face that 'extra' glow :)

  2. I can't wait to grab the Dior Addict 352 love this neautral color. Thanks xoxo

  3. Sweet haul!
    Hey I nom'd you for a Blog Award. Visit http://ksdkemp-houseofkrystia.blogspot.com/ for info.