Jan 8, 2010

Dollar Store, CVS, Nail Polish haul!

Hey everyone! It may not be much but it's good enough for me. I did not get any lippies because my lippie stash is over-populated, haha. I am going to do an updated makeup collection pretty soon for those that wanted me to, I'm just getting organized the way I want it but I'll post it as soon as I can!

Last weekend I got a VS little purse I use as a makeup bag for my purse!!

Speaking of makeup bags, I'm starting to look for more smaller items that I can take along in my little makeup bag such as mini-sized mascaras, eyeliners, glosses, etc...and I found this...

Cutest eyeshadow palette ever :)

About the size of half a credit card , awww! Here it is as it compares to the size of a single eyeshadow by NARS

And it comes with 6 colors, all are really nice and really pigmented + velvet soft...

I'm keeping this in my purse makeup bag :)

I like the website Zappos.com and decided to see what makeup stuff they had and found Global Goddess eyeshadows. I actually had tried 2 colors but I returned one of the colors (Kajol) because it looked too much like MAC Beautymarked which I already have but I did keep Makabari....

These shadows are wonderful, a little on the expensive side but to me is worth it since they are very pigmented and they last, no creasing and the colors they offer are amazing.
Makabari is a Rich-browned reddish rust with pinkish or rose undertones, no frost or shimmer, velvet or satin finish not matte...simply fabulous. I'll have to do a look using this color pretty soon.

CVS treats

What a treat! I only saw a few things I liked, but nearly alot of stuff was 75% off. These I got for $1.45 each...

And they had a buy one and get the second for 50% off on Maybelline so I decided to try the Mineral Power liquid (Medium 2.5) and Instant age Rewind cream (Sandy Beige) both are good-I especially like the Mineral Power foundie.

Revlon came out with these new Satin Luxurious finish eyeshadows I thought were unique so to start off I picked up Peacock Lustre and love it! I will have to go back and collect the rest maybe if they have a sale pretty soon.

Also got Dollar Store treats :) Eyeshadow palettes by LA Colors...

Nail polish kick

I collect nail polish so once in a while if I see a color that is unique or is something I don't have yet I'll get it, but it does depend on the brand since not all brands of nail polish are all that great. I love China Glaze, OPI, NYC, Sinful Colors just to name a few. Anyways here is what I accumalated in the past few days...

The Sinful Colors polish in Social Ladder is the most unique color I've ever seen. It is this pink to nude beige creme base and tiny pink and gold pearlized particles floating around in it.

A few weeks back ELF had it's holiday 50% off studio items so I grabbed the brush holder after seeing recommendations. I love it! I can't express how great it is, the compartments are just the right size. I'm not a person that likes my stuff all over the place (lippies mixed with eyeshadows mixed with blushes in a drawer...the horror). I like to be very plain and simple when organizing so this is perfect for me. I placed all my face brushes on the first compartment, next was all eye brushes and in the last one I put in every single eye or lip pencil or any sort of makeup pencils that I own. I don't like to see my pencils lying down in a drawer as it is harder to see and choose a color that I'm looking for so this is great.

Collective Haul

Ida from youtube's Htownpnai had shown a few Icing Baked shadows in one of her haul vids and after seeing I knew I had to check them out.

I don't know if they have any more colors but I bought 4 of them and tested them and they are really great! Comparable to the MAC mineralized shadows, the Icing Baked shadows have 2 colors swirled together such as the blue which is swirled with a gun powder gray. Baked shadows tend to have a soft, super pigmented texture and that is what I found in these. Unfortunately they don't have names or numbers on each. The packaging is so similar to that of the MAC mineralized ones...

As always, let me know if you have questions or if you want swatches!


  1. Now I'm tempted to go try out those 'Icing Baked Shadows' ! :)

  2. nice haul! i love looking at people's hauls

  3. love the hauls...LA colors e/s arent the best but for them being a dollar u can def try a way to work with them

  4. Terrific haul...I need to check out a Icings, I like baked shadows.

  5. I like that you like both drugstore and highend make up. And that black LA colors palette is so cute! I've never seen that before! I gotta keep my eyes open for that. I have only seen the ones with the clear lids. The black palette looks so much more chic.