Jan 7, 2010

Review of the Revlon PhotoReady Foundation

Revlon Photofinish Foundation-

 Found at CVS, Walmart (if interested please don't buy at Walmart-they are charging $20 for it when you can buy it at CVS for $14.99, Wal-mart is a rip-off!) I've visited the Revlon Website and cannot locate this foundation on that website.

I bought mine at CVS for $14.99

So here is my review on the Revlon PF foundie:
product: 5 stars out of 5
packaging: 5 stars out of 5
quality: 5 stars out of 5
overall : 3.5 stars out of 5
would buy again? Yes and No, yes only if they produce more color selection.

pros: it has a pump! med to full-coverage, Amazing feel, light-weight, easy to blend, somewhat affordable, no scent, lasts a good while.

cons: Barely any color variety/selection, not sure if it is limited edition, Slight white-cast on photos (is noticable), Slight shimmer particles are noticable.

Here is what I thought:

I'm very disappointed, not entirely with the product but only with the color selection. I anticipated the coming of this foundation only to be let down. The color selection is
horrible. There are a total of 6 colors to choose from. My skincolor is already difficult to match so I didn't really have a hard-time choosing but the 005 and 008 color I thought would be a perfect match turned out to be a pinch too light for me and the next color which is the 009 Rich Ginger is too dark-especially if it has a red undertone which I am not. I thought about maybe mixing the 008 and the 009 together just to see what color it would produce but not sure if it would work since the 009 is a red undertone. The funny thing is that the 005 and 008 are almost the same color. Don't know if Revlon intentionally wanted it that way or if just mine was defective. If Revlon wanted to go all out with this new foundation the least they could have done was provide a good selection of colors. I'm not ever going to be able to embrace this very nice foundation just because there isn't a color for me. Other than the color selection what i did notice about the application and coverage is that it seemed to cover nicely, something that I love. It is light-weight, not oily and blends like a dream. The actual finish is slightly matte but slightly dewy. One other thing I must mention, the foundation has very small shimmer, very subtle but noticable. I remember swatching the foundation on my hand before putting it on my face and as I blended it I could see the shimmer. It's not shimmer that is extremely noticable nor it is huge chunks but up close you can see it. I still can't get over the coverage, it is amazing! There is no scent at all, at least what I've noticed. I'm glad I got the chance to try out this foundation even though I don't have a color match.

Here are my equivalents for the Revlon PF foundie to the MAC Studio Fix Fluid color:

*There is practically no difference in the 005 and 008 colors, they are almost identical.
(They both have yellow undertones, one or the other more or less)

Revlon's PhotoFinish 005 and 008 is like MAC NC 37

Revlon's PhotoFinish 009 is like MAC NW 43

-You can use this to determine your shade more or less.-

Photo Face
Once I tested for photos it was sort of difficult to make a determination on whether it made a white cast since the colors I got were slightly lighter than my skintone. Actually the 005 and 008 were almost my color but not quite. Just a smidget lighter. The color was so close I had a very hard time determining whether to just keep the foundation or return it. So, either way I wanted to just see what it would look like after photos taken. To me, with the color I had on it made a slight white cast. This doesn't mean that it will for you, I'm just saying it did for me and I guess what I could see with my own eyes...but, everyone is different.

(Photo wearing the 008 color)

I ask of Revlon if the Photofinish stands for an airbrushed look of skin that you get after photo's have been re-finished or does it mean skin will have an HD effect on camera and will not make a white cast? If the latter, then Revlon PF foundation does not hold up to what it says it will do in my opinion.

The lasting power: Stayed on a few hours, but not more than 10.

On a scale of one to ten I'd rate: The quality of the foundation I rate a 8.0. but thumbs down because they have very little color selection.

Please comment below if you have any questions :)


  1. I keep reading that the shimmer in this is a bit much, but your skin looks FANTASTIC!! I think I'm going to give this a try & see for myself.

  2. Don't worry, they are gonna be more color selection, what you see now just a pre-release to the entire color choices to be launched sometime in March. I really like this f/d though.

  3. Hi i just stumbled across this because i was trying to find answers on this product. my skin is darker than golden beige but lighter than medium beige, as you probably already know the med. beige is darker than golden beige.. its so frustrating trying to find the right colour. im thinking of mixing the two but the med. beige looks kinda of pink which i thought was a yellow undertone =/

  4. Dear Anonymous, I really understand what you are trying to say...It's unfortunate that these only come in the colors they are in, I have thought about mixing them as well to create a perfect match but I find the price is not worth it to do so. Since they are like 11 to 14 dollars a piece I am better off without!

  5. This foundation looks great on your skin!