Jan 8, 2010

Favorite stuff at the moment! Dec '09

Sonia Kashuk blush brush: Perhaps the best blush brush ever, it is very light and picks up alot of color
Lancome Cils Design PRO mascara: I got this during the Free makeup giveaway settlement last year, I love it due to it's very skinny and narrow wand
Maybelline Line Stiletto: Honestly this was sitting in my car about to be returned when one day I went to work and forgotten eyeliner so I used this and loved it...but only for everyday work looks not for anything else more stable and smearproof!
CG eye single in Forever Fig: Color is original, I have nothing that comes close to duping it. I love it
Urban Decay Deluxe e/s palette: During the holidays I would match my eye makeup w/ my clothes and this palette is perfect for any color combo's
VS lipstick in Satin Sheets: my HG lipstick by VS, they no longer make these so I will need to find a dupe fast!
MAC lipstick in Syrup: About to run out pretty soon!
MAC lipstick in Gilty Kiss: The perfect nude goldish slightly rose color :)
Amuse Pearl eyeshadow palettes:
Ok, here is a lil' story on these. I bought them from a little dollar shop for $1.99 each...let me tell you, these are probably an exact dupe for those MAC Metal Urge creamed shadows. They feel damp to the touch and are super pigmented. The only thing is that you need a good e/s base (such as the UDPP) before applying them. Intense color each and every time :)

Let me know if you have questions!!!!!


  1. Those Amuse Pearl Eyeshadow Palettes looks amazing :)
    if you are interested in an international swap i'de be happy to do one for them if you can get more :)
    if you do feel free to e-mail me at abbie.brian@gmail.com

  2. i like the maybelline line stilletto too I abandoned my loreal linuer intense for this one even though they are pretty much the same thing :D